Ελευθέριος Μισιργής

Eleftherios Misirgis


Eleftherios Misirgis was born in 1987 in Thessaloniki. He began his musical studies when he was ten years old. He first started learning the accordion and five years later he began his piano studies. He studied piano and accordion with Stratos Kenanidis, George Campas and Christos Noulis. In 2009 he received his Piano Diploma with honors after having completed his studies with Urania Chrysafidou. He received degrees in Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue, after having completed his studies with Christos Delidimos.
He has given recitals in Greece (Thessaloniki, Kavala, Drama, Corfu, and at the Athens Concert Hall). In 2014 he participated in the award ceremony honoring famous Greek singer Maria Farantouri and Nikos Koundouros organized by the “Epilogos” Cultural Edition. In 2016 he offered a recital in Perugia, organized by the Università per Stranieri di Perugia.
He has composed music for piano, instrumental ensembles and voice. He has written incidental music for theater plays and short films. As a composer has won an international award for two of his compositions (a composition for solo piano and a composition for symphony orchestra).
In December 2014, as a composer and pianist, he won the Award Gina Bachauer – Nicholas Dumbas – “Category Young Rising Star”, which was awarded by the “Gina Bachauer International Music Association” and by the “Association for the Promotion of the Historical and Commercial Center of Athens”.
In April 2016 he won 2nd Prize (1st Prize was not awarded) at the 3rd C.V. Alkan – P.J.G. Zimmerman International Piano Competition. In October 2016 he was accepted for Master studies in the school of historical period pianos at Conservatorio di Musica “F.Morlacchi” of Perugia Italy under the supervision of Prof. Costantino Mastroprimiano.
In May 2016 he performed a special recital dedicated to the memory of Franz Liszt that took place at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. At the end of the recital he improvised on a theme belonging to a autograph manuscript page that was recently found.
He has actively participated in master classes on modern and historical piano offered by Cyprien Katsaris, Costantino Mastroprimiano,Andreas Staier, Alexei Lubimow,Tobias Koch, Aquiles Delle Vigne, Christos Noulis, George-Emmanuel Lazaridis, Dimitri Giakas, Stefanos Korkolis, Michele Rossetti, Igor Petrin, Hiroaki Takenouchi and Kiyoko Sakai.
At the Amsterdam Conservatory he studied piano, film scoring ,and voice accompaniment.
He has received a scholarship by the “Gina Bachauer International Music Association” for composition and analysis studies (with Constantine Carambelas-Sgourdas).
He is a piano teacher and accompanist in classical and modern singing (Municipal Conservatory of Drama, Conservatory in Thessaloniki and several conservatories in Thessaloniki and in Athens). He has offered many concerts in Greece and abroad with classic, modern and Greek repertoire.
Among his future plans are recitals and concerts in Greece and abroad on the period and modern instruments, the completion of new compositions and the recording of his first CD album.